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Operation Snap

Operation Snap has been set up to help keep our county’s roads as safe as possible.

It allows members of the public to report driving offences in the Northamptonshire area by filling out a form and uploading video evidence they have captured.

Submitted footage and reports are then examined by roads policing officers and can be used to take action against drivers found to be breaking the law.

This page should only be used to submit road traffic offences that you have captured on video.

Your incident is not suitable to report online if you answer yes to any of the following:

  • Offence contains photographs only – we are not able to process these
  • Where there has been a road traffic collision (click here to report)
  • Any non-driving criminal offences, for example criminal damage (click here to report)

By continuing you must be willing to attend court to give evidence, should the case go that far. On average, only one to two per cent of all reported offences result in a court appearance. There are other ways a case can be dealt with, for example a person may have to attend a driver improvement course or accept a fixed penalty notice.

If the offence which you report does require a court appearance, you will be fully supported through the process.

If you are not willing to attend court, we will be unable to take your submission report.

Will I be kept up to date when I submit footage?

Northamptonshire Police will not update you around any submission sent into us. Footage that is captured could contain an offence and you are treated as a witness to that offence and not an injured party.

I’ve put my footage on social media, and it’s getting lots of comments. Can you take a look?

No. We can only accept dashcam footage submitted through Operation Snap.

If you are planning to submit a report through Operation Snap, please remove the footage from social media. Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) advice is that your footage should not be in the public domain as this may adversely affect any subsequent proceedings. Please fill in the Northamptonshire Police web form and start the Operation Snap process with us.

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I am willing to go to court: